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malay peninsula

instance hypernym (malay peninsula IS A KIND OF .... relation (represent specific [usually real-world] instances of something))

  • a peninsula in southeastern Asia occupied by parts of Malaysia and Thailand and Myanmar (noun.location)
    a large mass of land projecting into a body of water (noun.object)

part holonym (PART OF relation)

  • (noun.location)
    a mountainous republic in southeastern Asia on the Bay of Bengal (noun.location)
  • (noun.location)
    the region of Malaysia on the Malay Peninsula (noun.location)
  • (noun.location)
    a country of southeastern Asia that extends southward along the Isthmus of Kra to the Malay Peninsula (noun.location)

part meronym (HAS PART relation)

  • (noun.object)
    the largest continent with 60% of the earth's population; it is joined to Europe on the west to form Eurasia; it is the site of some of the world's ea more.. (noun.object)

member holonym (MEMBER OF relation)

  • (noun.person)
    a member of a people inhabiting the northern Malay Peninsula and Malaysia and parts of the western Malay Archipelago (noun.person)
instance hypernym part holonym part meronym member holonym peninsula burma myanmar union of burma west malaysia kingdom of thailand siam asia malay malayan

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