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subdivision mastigomycota

synonym (synonym of subdivision mastigomycota)

hypernym (subdivision mastigomycota IS A KIND OF .... relation)

  • fungi in which the spores and gametes are motile; in some systems placed in the Phycomycetes group with the Zygomycota (noun.plant)
    (botany) taxonomic unit of plants corresponding to a phylum (

member holonym (MEMBER OF relation)

  • (noun.plant)
    nonphotosynthetic fungi that resemble algae and that reproduce by forming oospores; sometimes classified as protoctists (noun.plant)
  • (noun.plant)
    a class of mostly aquatic fungi; saprophytic or parasitic on algae or fungi or plants (noun.plant)

member meronym (HAS MEMBER relation)

  • (noun.plant)
    true fungi; eukaryotic heterotrophic walled organisms; distinguished from Myxomycota (funguslike slime molds): comprises subdivisions Mastigomycotina; more.. (noun.plant)
synonym hypernym member holonym member meronym mastigomycota mastigomycotina subdivision mastigomycotina division class oomycetes oomycetes chytridiomycetes class chytridiomycetes division eumycota eumycota

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