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suborder anthropoidea

synonym (synonym of suborder anthropoidea)

  • (noun.animal)
    monkeys; apes; hominids (noun.animal)

hypernym (suborder anthropoidea IS A KIND OF .... relation)

  • monkeys; apes; hominids (noun.animal)
    the order of animals (noun.animal)

member holonym (MEMBER OF relation)

  • (noun.animal)
    any tailless ape of the families Pongidae and Hylobatidae (noun.animal)
  • (noun.animal)
    anthropoid apes and human beings (noun.animal)
  • (noun.animal)
    modern man and extinct immediate ancestors of man (noun.animal)
  • (noun.animal)
    usually considered as comprising orangutans; gorillas; chimpanzees; and sometimes gibbons (noun.animal)
  • (noun.animal)
    used in some classifications for the lesser apes (gibbons and siamangs); sometimes considered a subfamily of Pongidae (noun.animal)
  • (noun.animal)
    Old World monkeys: guenon; baboon; colobus monkey; langur; macaque; mandrill; mangabey; patas; proboscis monkey (noun.animal)
  • (noun.animal)
    New World monkeys: capuchin; douroucouli; howler monkey; saki; spider monkey; squirrel monkey; titi; uakari; woolly monkey; marmoset; tamarin (noun.animal)

member meronym (HAS MEMBER relation)

  • (noun.animal)
    an animal order including lemurs and tarsiers and monkeys and apes and human beings (noun.animal)
synonym hypernym member holonym member meronym anthropoidea animal order anthropoid ape hominoidea family hominidae hominidae family pongidae pongidae order primates primates

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