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synonym (synonym of dramatics)

hypernym (dramatics IS A KIND OF .... relation)

  • participation in theatrical productions as an extracurricular activity (noun.act)
    educational activities not falling within the scope of the regular curriculum (noun.act)
  • the art of writing and producing plays (noun.communication)
    the activity of communicating; the activity of conveying information (noun.communication)

hyponym (.... IS A KIND OF dramatics relation)

  • (noun.communication)
    the theater as a profession (usually `the stage') (noun.communication)

part holonym (PART OF relation)

derivation (.... is derived from dramatics)

  • (adj.all)
    suited to or characteristic of the stage or theater (adj.all)
  • (adj.pert)
    relating to the technical aspects of drama (adj.pert)

domain member category (.... is a member category of dramatics domain)

  • (noun.artifact)
    a sloping gallery with seats for spectators (as in an operating room or theater) (noun.artifact)
  • (noun.artifact)
    a television system that is not used for broadcasting but is connected by cables to designated monitors (as in a factory or theater) (noun.artifact)
  • (noun.artifact)
    a building where theatrical performances or motion-picture shows can be presented (noun.artifact)
  • (noun.communication)
    (theater) irony that occurs when the meaning of the situation is understood by the audience but not by the characters in the play (noun.communication)
  • (noun.location)
    (theater) the space over the stage (out of view of the audience) used to store scenery (drop curtains) (noun.location)
  • (noun.location)
    a space reserved for sitting (as in a theater or on a train or airplane) (noun.location)
  • (noun.person)
    someone who sells tickets (e.g., theater seats or travel accommodations) (noun.person)
  • (verb.creation)
    perform on a stage or theater (verb.creation)
  • (verb.creation)
    act as the stooge (verb.creation)
  • (verb.creation)
    come on stage (verb.creation)
  • (verb.creation)
    play a subordinate role to (another performer) (verb.creation)
  • (verb.creation)
    be the star in a performance (verb.creation)
  • (verb.creation)
    appear as a character on stage or appear in a play, etc. (verb.creation)
  • (verb.creation)
    be the co-star in a performance (verb.creation)
  • (verb.creation)
    exaggerate one's acting (verb.creation)
  • (verb.creation)
    act (a role) with great restraint (verb.creation)
  • (adv.all)
    at or toward the rear of the stage (adv.all)
  • (adv.all)
    at or toward the front of the stage (adv.all)
synonym hypernym hyponym part holonym derivation domain member category dramatic art dramaturgy theater theatre extracurricular activity communicating communication stage dramatic composition dramatic work theatrical dramaturgic dramaturgical amphitheater amphitheatre closed-circuit television house dramatic irony flies

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