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hypernym (tubule IS A KIND OF .... relation)

hyponym (.... IS A KIND OF tubule relation)

  • (noun.body)
    a microscopically small tubule (noun.body)
  • (noun.body)
    any of the small tubules that are the excretory units of the vertebrate kidney (noun.body)
  • (noun.body)
    a tubule that drains excess aqueous humor (noun.body)
  • (noun.body)
    any of the numerous long convoluted tubules in the testis which are the sites where spermatozoa mature (noun.body)
  • (noun.body)
    the several highly convoluted tubules that lead from the rete testis to the vas deferens and form the head of the epididymis (noun.body)
  • (noun.body)
    one of the tubules forming the respiratory system of most insects and many arachnids (noun.body)
hypernym hyponym tube tube-shaped structure microtubule nephron uveoscleral pathway seminiferous tubule vasa efferentia

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