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Synonyms and Antonyms of foregather

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synonym (synonym of foregather)

hypernym (foregather IS A KIND OF .... relation)

  • collect in one place (
    act together or towards others or with others (

hyponym (.... IS A KIND OF foregather relation)

  • (verb.competition)
    form a group or group together (verb.competition)
  • (verb.motion)
    meet by design; be present at the arrival of (verb.motion)
  • (verb.motion)
    come together, usually for a purpose (verb.motion)
  • (verb.motion)
    move together in a hive or as if in a hive (verb.motion)
  • (verb.motion)
    gather in, or as if in, a fort, as for protection or defense (verb.motion)
  • (verb.motion)
    meet formally (verb.motion)
  • (verb.motion)
    come together as in a cluster or flock (verb.motion)
  • (verb.motion)
    to gather together in large numbers (verb.motion)
  • (verb.motion)
    move or draw together at a certain location (verb.motion)
  • (
    come and gather for a public event (
  • (
    meet to select a candidate or promote a policy (
  • (
    gather and spend time together (

verb group (foregather is verb group of ....)

derivation (.... is derived from foregather)

synonym hypernym hyponym verb group derivation assemble forgather gather meet interact aggroup group meet congregate hive fort come across encounter meet run across run into see assemblage assembly gathering coming together meeting get together

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