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synonym (synonym of hybridization)

hypernym (hybridization IS A KIND OF .... relation)

  • (genetics) the act of mixing different species or varieties of animals or plants and thus to produce hybrids (noun.act)
    the act of pairing a male and female for reproductive purposes (noun.act)

hyponym (.... IS A KIND OF hybridization relation)

  • (noun.act)
    hybridization using two traits with two alleles each (noun.act)
  • (noun.act)
    hybridization using a single trait with two alleles (as in Mendel's experiments with garden peas) (noun.act)
  • (noun.act)
    hybridization involving a pair of crosses that reverse the sexes associated with each genotype (noun.act)
  • (noun.act)
    a cross between an organism whose genotype for a certain trait is unknown and an organism that is homozygous recessive for that trait so the unknown g more.. (noun.act)

derivation (.... is derived from hybridization)

domain category (hybridization is domain category of ....)

  • (noun.cognition)
    the branch of biology that studies heredity and variation in organisms (noun.cognition)
synonym hypernym hyponym derivation domain category cross crossbreeding crossing hybridisation hybridizing interbreeding conjugation coupling mating pairing sexual union union dihybrid cross monohybrid cross reciprocal test-cross testcross cross crossbreed hybridise hybridize interbreed genetic science genetics

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