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make out

synonym (synonym of make out)

hypernym (make out IS A KIND OF .... relation)

  • come to terms with (
    perform an action, or work out or perform (an action) (
  • comprehend (verb.cognition)
    know and comprehend the nature or meaning of (verb.cognition)
  • have sexual intercourse with (
    engage in sexual intercourse (
  • imply or suggest (verb.communication)
    imply as a possibility (verb.communication)
  • kiss, embrace, or fondle with sexual passion (
    stroke or caress gently (
  • make out and issue (verb.communication)
    communicate or express by writing (verb.communication)
  • proceed or get along (verb.stative)
    follow a certain course (verb.change)
  • try to establish (verb.communication)
    assert or affirm strongly; state to be true or existing (verb.communication)

hyponym (.... IS A KIND OF make out relation)

  • come to terms with (
    manage in a makeshift way; do with whatever is at hand (
  • (
    try to manage without help (
  • (
    be able to manage or manage successfully (
  • (
    manage one's existence barely (
  • (
    satisfy or fulfill (
  • detect with the senses (verb.perception)
    make clearly visible (verb.perception)
  • (verb.perception)
    distinguish (verb.perception)
  • have sexual intercourse with (
    have sex with; archaic use (
  • (
    have sex without being married (
  • kiss, embrace, or fondle with sexual passion (
    snuggle and lie in a position where one person faces the back of the others (
  • make out and issue (verb.communication)
    write out a check on a bank account (verb.communication)

entail (entailment relations of make out)

  • detect with the senses (verb.perception)
    to become aware of through the senses (verb.perception)
  • write all the required information onto a form (verb.communication)
    put down in writing; of texts, musical compositions, etc. (verb.communication)

verb group (make out is verb group of ....)

derivation (.... is derived from make out)

domain usage (make out is used in .... domain)

  • have sexual intercourse with (
    the use of an archaic expression (noun.communication)
synonym hypernym hyponym entail verb group derivation domain usage discern distinguish cut issue sense touch understand claim intimate suggest write pet check smooch have take fornicate resolve get down put down set down write down comprehend perceive bang be intimate bed bonk neck caressing cuddling necker ass love love life archaicism archaism

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