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milkweed family

synonym (synonym of milkweed family)

hypernym (milkweed family IS A KIND OF .... relation)

  • widely distributed family of herbs and shrubs of the order Gentianales; most with milky juice (noun.plant)
    family of flowering plants having two cotyledons (embryonic leaves) in the seed which usually appear at germination (noun.plant)

member holonym (MEMBER OF relation)

  • (noun.plant)
    any plant of the family Asclepiadaceae (noun.plant)
  • (noun.plant)
    genus of chiefly North American perennial herbs: silkweed; milkweed (noun.plant)
  • (noun.plant)
    small genus of South American evergreen vines (noun.plant)
  • (noun.plant)
    genus of perennial tropical African lianas (noun.plant)
  • (noun.plant)
    large genus of climbing shrubs of Australia and Asia and Polynesia (noun.plant)
  • (noun.plant)
    genus of woody vines of warm regions of the Old World (noun.plant)
  • (noun.plant)
    succulent subshrubs or vines; tropical and subtropical India and Africa and Malaysia (noun.plant)
  • (noun.plant)
    genus of foul-smelling plants resembling cacti; found from Africa to East India (noun.plant)
  • (noun.plant)
    genus of Old World tropical woody vines (noun.plant)
  • (noun.plant)
    genus of chiefly tropical American vines having cordate leaves and large purple or greenish cymose flowers; supposedly having powers as an antidote (noun.plant)

member meronym (HAS MEMBER relation)

  • (noun.plant)
    an order of dicotyledonous plants having gamopetalous flowers; Gentianaceae; Apocynaceae; Asclepiadaceae; Loganiaceae; Oleaceae; Salvadoraceae (noun.plant)

derivation (.... is derived from milkweed family)

  • (adj.pert)
    of or relating to plants of the milkweed family (adj.pert)
synonym hypernym member holonym member meronym derivation asclepiadaceae family asclepiadaceae dicot family magnoliopsid family asclepiad asclepias araujia genus araujia genus cynancum genus hoya gentianales order gentianales asclepiadaceous

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