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synonym (synonym of originate)

also (also)

  • bring into being (verb.creation)
    come from (verb.change)

hypernym (originate IS A KIND OF .... relation)

  • begin a trip at a certain point, as of a plane, train, bus, etc. (verb.stative)
    have a beginning, in a temporal, spatial, or evaluative sense (verb.stative)
  • bring into being (verb.creation)
    make or cause to be or to become (verb.creation)
  • come into existence; take on form or shape (verb.stative)
    come into existence (verb.stative)

hyponym (.... IS A KIND OF originate relation)

  • bring into being (verb.creation)
    set in motion, start an event or prepare the way for (verb.change)
  • (verb.creation)
    apply or start (verb.creation)
  • (verb.stative)
    belong to an earlier time (verb.stative)
  • come into existence; take on form or shape (verb.stative)
    rise again (verb.stative)
  • (verb.stative)
    happen or occur as a result of something (verb.stative)
  • (verb.stative)
    to be the product or result (verb.stative)
  • (verb.stative)
    come up (as of feelings and thoughts, or other ephemeral things) (verb.stative)
  • (verb.stative)
    take its rise (verb.stative)

verb group (originate is verb group of ....)

  • (verb.change)
    be gradually disclosed or unfolded; become manifest (verb.change)

derivation (.... is derived from originate)

synonym also hypernym hyponym verb group derivation arise develop grow rise initiate start originate in create make become begin start initiate lead up set date back resurge come forth develop induction initiation beginning commencement creation foundation

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