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synonym (synonym of palliate)

  • (prep)
    Cloak, from the French, and palliate, from the Latin, are the same in original signification, but have diverged in meaning; a cloak may be used to hid more.. (prep)
  • (verb.communication)
    lessen or to try to lessen the seriousness or extent of (verb.communication)
  • (verb.body)
    provide physical relief, as from pain (verb.body)

hypernym (palliate IS A KIND OF .... relation)

hyponym (.... IS A KIND OF palliate relation)

  • (verb.body)
    cause to feel better (verb.body)
  • (verb.body)
    lessen pain or discomfort; alleviate (verb.body)

derivation (.... is derived from palliate)

  • lessen or to try to lessen the seriousness or extent of (verb.communication)
    to act in such a way as to cause an offense to seem less serious (noun.act)
  • (noun.communication)
    a partial excuse to mitigate censure; an attempt to represent an offense as less serious than it appears by showing mitigating circumstances (noun.communication)
  • provide physical relief, as from pain (verb.body)
    the act of reducing something unpleasant (as pain or annoyance) (noun.act)
  • (noun.act)
    easing the severity of a pain or a disease without removing the cause (noun.act)
  • (noun.artifact)
    remedy that alleviates pain without curing (noun.artifact)
  • (noun.feeling)
    the feeling that comes when something burdensome is removed or reduced (noun.feeling)
  • (noun.person)
    a therapist who makes suffering more endurable (noun.person)
  • (adj.all)
    moderating pain or sorrow by making it easier to bear (adj.all)

domain category (palliate is domain category of ....)

  • lessen or to try to lessen the seriousness or extent of (verb.communication)
    the collection of rules imposed by authority (
synonym hypernym hyponym derivation domain category conceal extenuate hide mitigate alleviate assuage ameliorate amend better improve apologise apologize soothe comfort ease alleviation easement palliation alleviant assuagement relief jurisprudence law

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