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synonym (synonym of poop)

hypernym (poop IS A KIND OF .... relation)

  • a stupid foolish person (noun.person)
    a person lacking intelligence or common sense (noun.person)
  • obscene terms for feces (noun.substance)
    solid excretory product evacuated from the bowels (noun.substance)
  • slang terms for inside information (noun.communication)
    true confidential information (noun.communication)
  • the rear part of a ship (noun.artifact)
    the side that goes last or is not normally seen (noun.artifact)

part holonym (PART OF relation)

  • (noun.artifact)
    (nautical) a plate on a ship's stern on which the name is inscribed (noun.artifact)
  • (noun.artifact)
    a brace that extends from the rear of the keel to support the rudderpost (noun.artifact)

part meronym (HAS PART relation)

  • (noun.artifact)
    a vessel that carries passengers or freight (noun.artifact)

derivation (.... is derived from poop)

domain usage (poop is used in .... domain)

synonym hypernym part holonym part meronym derivation domain usage crap dirt shit nincompoop ninny dope back rear details simple simpleton bm escutcheon skeg ship ca-ca crap defecate make betray denounce dirty word filth obscenity smut vulgarism

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