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synonym (synonym of attentive)

antonym (antonym of attentive)

  • (adj.all)
    showing a lack of attention or care (adj.all)
  • (adj.all)
    marked by or paying little heed or attention (adj.all)

also (also)

  • (often followed by `to') giving care or attention (adj.all)
    feeling or showing worry or solicitude (adj.all)

similar (similar with attentive)

attribute (attentive is an attribute of ....)

  • (noun.attribute)
    a motionless erect stance with arms at the sides and feet together; assumed by military personnel during drill or review (noun.attribute)
  • taking heed; giving close and thoughtful attention (adj.all)
    paying particular notice (as to children or helpless people) (noun.cognition)

derivation (.... is derived from attentive)

  • (verb.perception)
    give heed (to) (verb.perception)
  • taking heed; giving close and thoughtful attention (adj.all)
    the trait of thinking carefully before acting (noun.attribute)
  • (noun.attribute)
    the trait of being observant and paying attention (noun.attribute)
  • (noun.attribute)
    the trait of staying aware of (paying close attention to) your responsibilities (noun.attribute)
synonym antonym also similar attribute derivation heedful paying attention thoughtful inattentive heedless unheeding concerned absorbed captive advertent heedful observant oversolicitous attention attentiveness heed paying attention attentiveness heed advert attend thoughtfulness heedfulness

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