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synonym (synonym of socialist)

  • (adj.all)
    advocating or following the socialist principles (adj.all)

antonym (antonym of socialist)

also (also)

  • (adj.all)
    of or belonging to the political or intellectual left (adj.all)

similar (similar with socialist)

hypernym (socialist IS A KIND OF .... relation)

hyponym (.... IS A KIND OF socialist relation)

  • (noun.person)
    a socialist who advocates communism (noun.person)
  • (noun.person)
    a member of the Fabian Society in Britain (noun.person)
  • (noun.person)
    a member of a socialist or communist international (noun.person)
  • (noun.person)
    a Russian member of the liberal minority group that advocated gradual reform and opposed the Bolsheviks before and during the Russian Revolution (noun.person)
  • (noun.person)
    a person who belongs to the political left (noun.person)

instance hyponym (.... IS A KIND OF socialist relation (represent specific [usually real-world] instances of something))

derivation (.... is derived from socialist)

  • (noun.cognition)
    a political theory advocating state ownership of industry (noun.cognition)
  • (
    an economic system based on state ownership of capital (
  • (adj.all)
    advocating or following the socialist principles (adj.all)
  • advocating or following the socialist principles (adj.all)
    a political advocate of socialism (noun.person)
synonym antonym also similar hypernym hyponym instance hyponym socialistic capitalist capitalistic left collective collectivised collectivist collectivistic pol political leader politician politico commie communist fabian internationalist menshevik collectivist castro fidel castro engels friedrich engels big bill haywood haywood

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