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start up

synonym (synonym of start up)

  • (verb.motion)
    get going or set in motion (verb.motion)
  • (verb.creation)
    get off the ground (verb.creation)

antonym (antonym of start up)

  • (verb.motion)
    cause to stop (verb.motion)

hypernym (start up IS A KIND OF .... relation)

hyponym (.... IS A KIND OF start up relation)

  • get going or set in motion (verb.motion)
    start (a motorcycle) by means of a kick starter (verb.motion)
  • (verb.motion)
    start (a car engine) without a key by bypassing the ignition interlock (verb.motion)
  • (verb.motion)
    start an engine again, for example (verb.motion)
  • (verb.motion)
    start by cranking (verb.motion)
  • (verb.motion)
    start (a car engine whose battery is dead) by connecting it to another car's battery (verb.motion)
  • get off the ground (verb.creation)
    commence officially (
  • (
    begin or set in action, of meetings, speeches, recitals, etc. (

cause (cause to relations of start up)

  • get going or set in motion (verb.motion)
    begin or set in motion (verb.motion)

derivation (.... is derived from start up)

synonym antonym hypernym hyponym cause derivation start commence embark on stop begin commence lead off start inaugurate kick off open kick-start hot-wire re-start get going go start beginning commencement inauguration startup start first

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