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synonym (synonym of thoughtful)

antonym (antonym of thoughtful)

  • (adj.all)
    showing lack of careful thought (adj.all)
  • (adj.all)
    marked by or paying little heed or attention (adj.all)

also (also)

  • exhibiting or characterized by careful thought (adj.all)
    showing concern for the rights and feelings of others (adj.all)

similar (similar with thoughtful)

  • acting with or showing thought and good sense (adj.all)
    concerned with work or important matters rather than play or trivialities (adj.all)
  • considerate of the feelings or well-being of others (adj.all)
    showing concern for the rights and feelings of others (adj.all)
  • exhibiting or characterized by careful thought (adj.all)
    deeply absorbed in thought (adj.all)
  • (adj.all)
    deeply or seriously thoughtful (adj.all)
  • (adj.all)
    given to cogitation (adj.all)
  • (adj.all)
    resulting from careful thought (adj.all)
  • (adj.all)
    involved in or characterized by deliberation and discussion and examination (adj.all)
  • (adj.all)
    concerned with excogitating or having the power of excogitation (adj.all)
  • having intellectual depth (adj.all)
    showing intellectual penetration or emotional depth (adj.all)

attribute (thoughtful is an attribute of ....)

  • exhibiting or characterized by careful thought (adj.all)
    the trait of thinking carefully before acting (noun.attribute)
  • taking heed; giving close and thoughtful attention (adj.all)
    paying particular notice (as to children or helpless people) (noun.cognition)

derivation (.... is derived from thoughtful)

synonym antonym also similar attribute derivation serious-minded attentive heedful paying attention heedless unheeding thoughtless considerate considerate profound serious bemused brooding broody attentiveness heed paying attention regard thoughtfulness considerateness consideration thoughtfulness attentiveness heedfulness mindfulness

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