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hypernym (ahimsa IS A KIND OF .... relation)

  • a Buddhist and Hindu and especially Jainist doctrine holding that all forms of life are sacred and urging the avoidance of violence (noun.communication)
    the written body of teachings of a religious group that are generally accepted by that group (noun.communication)

domain category (ahimsa is domain category of ....)

  • (noun.cognition)
    a body of religious and philosophical beliefs and cultural practices native to India and based on a caste system; it is characterized by a belief in r more.. (noun.cognition)
  • (noun.cognition)
    religion founded in the 6th century BC as a revolt against Hinduism; emphasizes asceticism and immortality and transmigration of the soul; denies exis more.. (noun.cognition)
  • (noun.cognition)
    the teaching of Buddha that life is permeated with suffering caused by desire, that suffering ceases when desire ceases, and that enlightenment obtain more.. (noun.cognition)
hypernym domain category church doctrine creed gospel religious doctrine hindooism hinduism jainism buddhism

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