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hypernym (astilbe IS A KIND OF .... relation)

  • any plant of the genus Astilbe having compound leaves and showy panicles of tiny colorful flowers (noun.plant)
    a plant lacking a permanent woody stem; many are flowering garden plants or potherbs; some having medicinal properties; some are pests (noun.plant)

hyponym (.... IS A KIND OF astilbe relation)

  • (noun.plant)
    North American astilbe with panicles of creamy white flowers (noun.plant)
  • (noun.plant)
    mat-forming evergreen Asiatic plant with finely cut leaves and small pink to burgundy flowers; grown as ground cover (noun.plant)
  • (noun.plant)
    a Japanese shrub that resembles members of the genus Spiraea; widely cultivated in many varieties for its dense panicles of flowers in many colors; of more.. (noun.plant)

member meronym (HAS MEMBER relation)

  • (noun.plant)
    chiefly Asiatic perennials: spirea (noun.plant)
hypernym hyponym member meronym herb herbaceous plant astilbe biternata false goatsbeard astilbe chinensis pumila astilbe japonica spiraea spirea genus astilbe

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