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hypernym (carnivore IS A KIND OF .... relation)

hyponym (.... IS A KIND OF carnivore relation)

  • a terrestrial or aquatic flesh-eating mammal (noun.animal)
    terrestrial carnivores; having toes separated to the base: dogs; cats; bears; badgers; raccoons (noun.animal)
  • (noun.animal)
    any of various fissiped mammals with nonretractile claws and typically long muzzles (noun.animal)
  • (noun.animal)
    any of various lithe-bodied roundheaded fissiped mammals, many with retractile claws (noun.animal)
  • (noun.animal)
    massive plantigrade carnivorous or omnivorous mammals with long shaggy coats and strong claws (noun.animal)
  • (noun.animal)
    small cat-like predatory mammals of warmer parts of the Old World (noun.animal)
  • (noun.animal)
    fissiped fur-bearing carnivorous mammals (noun.animal)
  • (noun.animal)
    plantigrade carnivorous mammals (noun.animal)

member meronym (HAS MEMBER relation)

  • (noun.animal)
    cats; lions; tigers; panthers; dogs; wolves; jackals; bears; raccoons; skunks; and members of the suborder Pinnipedia (noun.animal)
hypernym hyponym member meronym predator predatory animal eutherian eutherian mammal fissiped fissiped mammal canid canine felid feline carnivora order carnivora

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