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call back

synonym (synonym of call back)

antonym (antonym of call back)

also (also)

  • (verb.cognition)
    recapture the past; indulge in memories (verb.cognition)

hypernym (call back IS A KIND OF .... relation)

  • cause to be returned (verb.possession)
    take into one's possession (verb.possession)
  • return or repeat a telephone call (verb.communication)
    react verbally (verb.communication)
  • summon to return (verb.communication)
    order, request, or command to come (verb.communication)

hyponym (.... IS A KIND OF call back relation)

  • cause to be returned (verb.possession)
    withdraw from active service (verb.possession)
  • recall knowledge from memory; have a recollection (verb.cognition)
    perceive as familiar (verb.cognition)
  • (verb.cognition)
    perceive to be the same (verb.cognition)
  • (verb.cognition)
    refresh one's memory (verb.cognition)

derivation (.... is derived from call back)

  • cause to be returned (verb.possession)
    a request by the manufacturer of a defective product to return the product (as for replacement or repair) (noun.communication)
  • recall knowledge from memory; have a recollection (verb.cognition)
    the cognitive processes whereby past experience is remembered (noun.cognition)
  • (noun.cognition)
    the cognitive operation of accessing information in memory (noun.cognition)
  • (noun.cognition)
    the process of remembering (especially the process of recovering information by mental effort) (noun.cognition)
  • (noun.cognition)
    the ability to recall past occurrences (noun.cognition)
  • (noun.cognition)
    an instance of deliberate thinking (noun.cognition)
  • (noun.cognition)
    the content of cognition; the main thing you are thinking about (noun.cognition)
  • (adj.all)
    good at remembering (adj.all)
  • summon to return (verb.communication)
    the recall of an employee after a layoff (noun.act)
  • (noun.act)
    the act of removing an official by petition (noun.act)
synonym antonym also hypernym hyponym derivation call in recall withdraw call up recollect remember blank out block draw a blank forget remember think back call send for answer take know recognise recognize brush up refresh review memory remembering retrieval recall anamnesis recollection

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