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hypernym (cycad IS A KIND OF .... relation)

  • any tropical gymnosperm of the order Cycadales; having unbranched stems with a crown of fernlike leaves (noun.plant)
    plants of the class Gymnospermae having seeds not enclosed in an ovary (noun.plant)

hyponym (.... IS A KIND OF cycad relation)

  • (noun.plant)
    dwarf palmlike cycad of Japan that yields sago (noun.plant)
  • (noun.plant)
    any of various cycads of the genus Zamia; among the smallest and most verdant cycads (noun.plant)
  • (noun.plant)
    a small cycad of the genus Ceratozamia having a short scaly woody trunk and fernlike foliage and woody cones; Mexico (noun.plant)
  • (noun.plant)
    any cycad of the genus Dioon; handsome palmlike cycads with robust crowns of leaves and rugged trunks (noun.plant)
  • (noun.plant)
    any of numerous cycads of the genus Encephalartos having stout cylindrical trunks and a terminal crown of long often spiny pinnate leaves (noun.plant)
  • (noun.plant)
    South African cycad; the farinaceous pith of the fruit used as food (noun.plant)
  • (noun.plant)
    any treelike cycad of the genus Macrozamia having erect trunks and pinnate leaves and large cones with sometimes edible nuts; Australia (noun.plant)
  • (noun.plant)
    large attractive palmlike evergreen cycad of New South Wales (noun.plant)
hypernym hyponym gymnosperm cycas revoluta sago palm zamia ceratozamia dioon encephalartos

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