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geologic process

synonym (synonym of geologic process)

  • (noun.process)
    (geology) a natural process whereby geological features are modified (noun.process)

hypernym (geologic process IS A KIND OF .... relation)

  • (geology) a natural process whereby geological features are modified (noun.process)
    a process existing in or produced by nature (rather than by the intent of human beings) (noun.process)

hyponym (.... IS A KIND OF geologic process relation)

  • (noun.process)
    gradual formation of new land, by recession of the sea or deposit of sediment (noun.process)
  • (noun.process)
    the gradual transformation of habitable land into desert; is usually caused by climate change or by destructive use of the land (noun.process)
  • (noun.process)
    the process of deformation that produces continents and ocean basins in the earth's crust (noun.process)
  • (noun.process)
    (geology) the mechanical process of wearing or grinding something down (as by particles washing over it) (noun.process)
  • (noun.process)
    a geological process that causes a bend in a stratum of rock (noun.process)
  • (noun.process)
    the process of covering the earth with glaciers or masses of ice (noun.process)
  • (noun.process)
    the forcing of molten rock into fissures or between strata of an earlier rock formation (noun.process)
  • (noun.process)
    change in the structure of rock by natural agencies such as pressure or heat or introduction of new chemical substances (noun.process)
  • (noun.process)
    the process of mountain formation (especially by the upward displacement of the earth's crust) (noun.process)
  • (noun.process)
    forming or depositing in layers (noun.process)
  • (noun.process)
    a geological process in which one edge of a crustal plate is forced sideways and downward into the mantle below another plate (noun.process)

domain category (geologic process is domain category of ....)

  • (noun.cognition)
    a science that deals with the history of the earth as recorded in rocks (noun.cognition)
synonym hypernym hyponym domain category geological process action activity natural action natural process alluvion desertification diastrophism eating away fold folding geology

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