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hypernym (consumer IS A KIND OF .... relation)

  • a person who uses goods or services (noun.person)
    a person who makes use of a thing; someone who uses or employs something (noun.person)

hyponym (.... IS A KIND OF consumer relation)

  • (noun.person)
    someone who chews (especially someone who chews tobacco) (noun.person)
  • (noun.person)
    someone who attends concerts (noun.person)
  • (noun.person)
    someone who pays for goods or services (noun.person)
  • (noun.person)
    a person who drinks alcoholic beverages (especially to excess) (noun.person)
  • (noun.person)
    a person who drinks liquids (noun.person)
  • (noun.person)
    someone who consumes food for nourishment (noun.person)
  • (noun.person)
    a recklessly extravagant consumer (noun.person)
  • (noun.person)
    a person who smokes tobacco (noun.person)
  • (noun.person)
    a person who uses snuff (noun.person)

derivation (.... is derived from consumer)

hypernym hyponym derivation user chewer concert-goer client customer drinker imbiber consume have ingest take take in

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