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hypernym (swine IS A KIND OF .... relation)

hyponym (.... IS A KIND OF swine relation)

  • (noun.animal)
    domestic swine (noun.animal)
  • (noun.animal)
    an uncastrated male hog (noun.animal)
  • (noun.animal)
    an adult female hog (noun.animal)
  • (noun.animal)
    a mongrel hog with a thin body and long legs and a ridged back; a wild or semi-wild descendant of improved breeds; found chiefly in the southeastern U more.. (noun.animal)
  • (noun.animal)
    Old World wild swine having a narrow body and prominent tusks from which most domestic swine come; introduced in United States (noun.animal)
  • (noun.animal)
    Indonesian wild pig with enormous curved canine teeth (noun.animal)
  • (noun.animal)
    African wild swine with warty protuberances on the face and large protruding tusks (noun.animal)

member meronym (HAS MEMBER relation)

hypernym hyponym member meronym artiodactyl artiodactyl mammal even-toed ungulate grunter hog boar sow razorback razorback hog family suidae suidae

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