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synonym (synonym of sanction)

antonym (antonym of sanction)

  • (verb.communication)
    deem wrong or inappropriate (verb.communication)

hypernym (sanction IS A KIND OF .... relation)

  • a mechanism of social control for enforcing a society's standards (noun.act)
    control exerted (actively or passively) by group action (noun.act)
  • formal and explicit approval (noun.communication)
    a message expressing a favorable opinion (noun.communication)
  • give authority or permission to (
    give or delegate power or authority to (
  • give religious sanction to, such as through on oath (verb.communication)
    give sanction to (verb.communication)
  • give sanction to (verb.communication)
    grant authorization or clearance for (verb.communication)
  • official permission or approval (noun.attribute)
    approval to do something (noun.communication)
  • the act of final authorization (noun.act)
    the act of conferring legality or sanction or formal warrant (noun.act)

hyponym (.... IS A KIND OF sanction relation)

  • formal and explicit approval (noun.communication)
    an endorsement (noun.communication)
  • (noun.communication)
    an endorsement made in a passport that allows the bearer to enter the country issuing it (noun.communication)
  • give sanction to (verb.communication)
    give religious sanction to, such as through on oath (verb.communication)
  • (
    be behind; approve of (
  • (
    support a person for a position (
  • the act of final authorization (noun.act)
    sanction by a religious rite (noun.act)
  • (noun.act)
    by the sanction or authority of (noun.act)
  • (noun.act)
    authoritative approval (noun.act)

derivation (.... is derived from sanction)

synonym antonym hypernym hyponym derivation countenance endorsement imprimatur authorisation authority authorization disapprove reject social control authorisation permission approval authorise authorize benefit of clergy name nihil obstat o.k. visa authorise allow countenance approve o.k. certify

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